The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ok Im double posting today because I need help.

People, as I write this, my mother is cleaning my apartment, starting with my hallway closet. WTF?!? Next it will be my bedroom and she is running spybot on my computer! Please for the love of god people, help me! GOD EVER since I was little, I cant get away with shit. You know what this means, right?!? She is going to find everything. EVERYTHING.

Ok I need to confess something. I know this is news to some of you, but Im not a virgin. I know I told you all the Gs conception was an immaculate conception, but I lied. I will give you a moment to weep before I move right along. Seriously, though, who knows what she will find?!? I mean, I just discovered Bearshare last week and have been having a good old field day with it!

OMG I have to contact CBITW- PRONTO. Im in a state of panic.

Dear ASS

Dear Ass:

Are you depressed? Are you angry at me? Are you just tired and exhausted? What is it? Are there some anti depressants I can give you? Perhaps so entemans chocolate donuts (those help me through ANY bad time I am having). Just know I am here for you, I am your friend.

Lately you seem to be lagging, flattening. I thought at first that you could be just tired, but then realized that you dear ass, could just be getting.. god, I cant even say it.. OLD. I thought I was in the clear when after I had a 10 pound baby you were still perky and happy. I thought “wow my family actually does have ONE good gene”. But you have failed me. You have given up. You have let go of what is important. The view from behind.

I am now forced to fall into line with the other pancake ass women of my family, only, they were at least blessed with big chests. I have been left with nothing. Just a pair of old 501s that not 2 years ago looked fucking SPECTACULAR on me. You have failed me miserably, dear ass, and if it weren’t for the fact that you have given so much in your short plump lifetime, I would disown you.

That is all I have to say for now.


PS: Free Mumia

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

So mom gets here monday, and Im a train wreck. I know I cant be right now, because I have to be strong.

So, this week we have found out that my aunt and uncle are alive, but they were trapped in their attics for three days under six feet of water in Bay St. Louis. My aunt was hospitalized after getting very sick from the water. They were waiting for help to come, and it just did not come for 3 days. Bush should die.

Also to top this all off, I get a phone call from Gs dad, who decided on a whim to call me and tell me that he wishes I would settle down with someone because he thinks that I am going to die alone. Nice, ha?

So my mom should be here next week, and Ive been arrangeing job interviews. I think maybe this will be a great thing for both of us. She will have some time away from everything and make some money and be around her grandchild. I think that will really help her. As for me, I need to get back into what I do normally as far as my soap and my voulenteer work. Maybe this was gods way of telling me to do that. I have to go this weekend to get a few things for the house to prepare.

My political rant this week goes to Barbara Bush (aka the Quaker Oats Man aka Cauliflower face). This is her quote about the Hurricane victems:

"What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality,And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."

Check the story here

This is the reality of our countries roots and the people behind the leaders of our country. Canada and lesbianism is looking better and better every day.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Got Dick?

The question of day appears to be where is our beloved Dick Cheney. Well, folks, hold on to your horses, because practically the entire Bush Administration when not shopping (Like Condy) or Flying over New Orleans in his jet (not even stopping) like Bush, our vice president is in Wyoming. Why? He is there handing out no bid contracts to Haliburton. When Bush finally lands he goes to the Airport. Whats the matter, Georgie? Why didnt you stand in that hot ass superdome with the dead corpses and really see the "community" you claim to rebuild?

While people are fucking starving and dieing- while people waited three fucking days to get some help, Bush was on vacation, Condoliza was buying shoes, and Dick is off handing out contracts at Haliburton. Go fucking figure.

Now lets also do a little bit of research on our friend Michael D. Brown, nominated by Dubbya himself and first Under Secretary for FEMA.

How did Michael Brown get the job as Director of Fema with absolutely no qualifying traits? Why his college roommate (former Fema Head and 2000 Bush campaign manager) recommended him of course. That was good enough for old George - no qualifications.

Brown tells the press that the people of New Orleans were "warned to leave", as people watched elders die, while people were placed in the superdome under unthinkable conditions. This was his statement? While people waited for food, water, refuge service- in the wake of this tragedy, this was the director of FEMA's view.

Every citizen in this country should be shocked and afraid of the administration that governs this country. Especially if you live in areas where these fuckers could care less about you. People have said they believe this was "racially driven", but I disagree. This was class driven. While the media showed thousands of black people under horrendous conditions in the superdome in New Orleans, the people in the outlying Parishes(St. Bernard Parish, Jefferson, Plaquemines (I spelled that wrong) parish) are predominantly white, got help at an even slower pace than the people in New Orleans yet saw just as much, sometimes more damage. This was, however, class driven. There is no question. If this tragedy would have hit the upper west side, or heaven forbid, TEXAS, there would have been relief waiting in outlying areas before the storm even hit.

Shame on us as a nation. How many times must this country embarrass themselves to the world? How many times does this administration have to shit in the face of the every day American? What's sad is Louisiana is Red State.

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans- The City That Care Forgot

Its been a while since I have posted, not that i havent been writing, but I havent edited everything yet, but felt a need to write about the devastation going on in Louisiana and Mississippi.

My family pretty much has lost everything. MY mothers house in the Marigny is underwater. She evacuated to Laurel, MS. My brother tried to evacuate on Sunday, but got stuck in traffic and had to turn back to his girlfriends families house in New Orleans near the airport.

I just moved back to NY from New Orleans two years ago, and everyone I knew there just keeps flashing in my mind. Mr. Steeg, my old boss who is in his 80s, his wife, the little kids at my daughters catholic school uptown, my friend Wardell, the mailroom guy at my old lawfirm who just overcame colon cancer.

Rewind to three weeks ago. G was staying with my mom for a few weeks. My mom just bought a beach house in her home town of Bay St. Louis. I came to get her, and there we were in her new house that did need work, but was going to be wonderful. This town, is a town I spent summers in as a kid. Swimming with my friend Lisa from Waveland in the Gulf of Mexico. It was surreal to see my child there, playing in the green grass, listening to the crickets, and smelling the freshness of the honeysuckle and lush plants every where. We went to the beach where the water is calm and warm. G played in the water, splashing and looking at the little fish. My mom and I plopped on the sand under an unbrella- reminicing. This was a town that she grew up in- where if it was too hot indoors, she would run to the pier and sleep and wakeup the next day and go home. A town that gave us Lil Rays shrimp po boys, and the best catfish in the world. G came home telling everyone about the gulf of mexico. She was captivated by it. We had no idea that a few weeks later, my mom would be missing, my brother would be missing, and I would be left in NY helpless wondering if my familymembers were alive or not.

As the storm approached, my mom called me. A tree had fallen into the kitchen of the house she was in. She still had at least three hours of the storm to go. Her voice was shaky and she was scared. My brother was in New Orleans- he never made it out, and all I could see on the news was mass flooding. Within the first two hours, 9th Ward was under 6 feet of water. Nothing could prepare us for what was ahead. After this conversation, I didnt hear from my mother for three days.

Three days of watching the first footage of what Katrina left behind- what my brother could be in, what my mother could be in. Three days of knowing that even if they are ok, they are without power and anyone who has been to Mississippi or New Orleans in Aug/Sept will tell you, its brutally hot. They dont have clean drinking water. My brother was in New Orleans, where i am seeing looting and shootings and desperate people, dead corpses floating around. Helpless, all I could do here is just wait and wait some more.

Then the footage of Bay St. Louis and Waveland came in. And they were wiped out. Im thinking of my aunts, my cousins, my uncles. Many of whom live in those areas. They show a second line marching down canal street waist high in water. Then breaking news flashes in. A levee has broken. New Orleans will now be filled with even more water.

Trying come to terms with the fact that this city is gone, I am trying to keep my head straight as I wait for my family to call me. I finally get a hold of my brother-while sitting in my friend Ts house drinking wine. He is ok. He is on a higher point of New Orleans, but obvoisly doesnt know the impact that this storm had on the rest of the city. He has a power generator. He is safe. None of us had heard from our mom-family members and friends were calling me, but all I could say over and over is that I dont know where she is and no I dont know if she is ok.

Two days later, I get a phone call from a man who I dont know. He says my mom is ok. She is in Laurel. I can finally try to sleep.

I dont know if everything is just hitting me now, or maybe I was just in survival mode when I was waiting to hear form them, but I was ok until I was standing on the Q train to drop of money to Gs grandfather since he had her all week long. I didnt have a seat so I was standing holding on the pole, and I guess the guy in front of me knew I was about to cry. Men usually sense this.. when a girl is at the verge of tears. I grabbed my cell phone and called R, a friend of my moms since we were little, and like an aunt to me. I couldnt even finish my sentence before becoming a blubbering mess. The lady sitting next to me, hands me her tissue pack and tells me to keep it. All I can say is "we have lost everything" as I walk out of Church Ave. Train station. "Well fasten your seat bealt honey", she began in her Jackson Mississippi accent "because this is going to be just the beginning".

I almost want to tell people who say to me "at least your brother and your mother are ok" that NO. They certainly are not ok. Yes, they are alive, but things certainly are not OK. Lives have been torn apart. My mom has lost everything. EVERYTHING. from family photos, to clothes, to my grandmothers china. EVERYTHING IS GONE. So NO things are not ok. We are not at the superdome starving and hot and waiting for this joke of a fucking president to get his ass in gear and get the National Guard on point, but we arent OK.

So I watch now the city burn, the city drown, the people die. And I wonder about everyone. I wonder about my aunt and uncle who never evacuated Bay St. Louis. I wonder about my relatives who are doctors who stayed behind, only to hear there was a shooting in Charity Hospital, I wonder about the woman who used to serve my gumbo at lunch time and say "here baby" and slip an extra piece of cornbread in the bag.
I know I shouldnt stay watching the news all the time, but I have to. I think about Bush, how in 2001 FEMA warned that New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the United States, yet Bush cut New Orleans Flood control funding by 44 percent to help fund his fucking oil war.

My mom is en route to Chicago. She met with Rs sister in Jackson, MS and got some cash for gas and I will be flying her out here from Chicago where she will stay with me. I am working on getting her to work at my office so she can have some money, since her firm in New Orleans has been wiped out along with the rest of Canal Street.

Im angry, and Im sad, and Im tired and Im overwhelmed. I just want to spend this weekend with my daughter and be grateful that everyone is alive.

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