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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shame On You MTA (Part Deux)

Shame on You MTA (part deux)

The last time I wrote a post with the title of "Shame on you MTA" was during the transit strike, when the TWU (Transit Workers Union) went on strike right before xmas and all public transportation shut down because the MTA workers who were part of that union wanted increases in their already higher than normal for a fucking bus driver salary. The whole city was held hostage and businesses lost millions in revenue. It was hard for me to feel sorry for people who were making more than I was and had sick ass benefits on top of it. The hardest hit were the small businesses who make much of their profits during the holiday season.

Now the MTA is at it again, again right before xmas (someone is totally getting a visit this xmas eve by some nasty little ghost of xmas past angels that I'm sure will bring them to me freezing my pale ass off last winter in sub zero temperatures waiting for a rideshare with complete strangers I found on craigslist so we could get across the 59th street bridge and get to work!) The MTA announced last week, a week before it was to be voted on that they would be cutting two subway lines and 21 bus lines and making huge reductions in service and making cuts to student metro cards.

I don't know if you fuckers got the memo but centered last year right here in NY the economy collapsed leaving thousands of New Yorkers out of work. So your answer is to not only increase fares, but to now cut service and programs including metro cards to students? Do you really want parents to chose between groceries and train fares?? Let me tell you I was trained very well in hopping turnstyles the 90s and I can hop a damn turnstile like a professional, and I'm sure my kid has it in her too.

NY City Counsel is proposing that the MTA reallocate $140 million of capital funds to temporarily close an unexpected gap in its operating budget. The additional funds would come from two sources: More than $90 million in unspent federal stimulus aid that may be allocated toward operating expenses through a congressionally sanctioned process known as "flex," and roughly $50 million in MTA operating funds that are currently being used to supplement the capital budget. The combined funding boost would be more than enough to offset the $129 million the MTA expects to save through cuts to subway and bus service citywide. However, given that the MTA hasn't given New Yorkers a chance to be heard at their private unannounced meetings and alternatives to be offered, it seems like we will all get the big middle finger once again from NYCs biggest bully. Why? Because they can. That's why. So MTA, are you done taking my lunch money? Cuz Im still pulling the wedgie out of my behind from your little fiasco 4 years ago.

Sign the NYC City Counsel's petition asking the MTA to at least maintain its current service so that middle class NYers won't be hit with lower service for higher fares. Please dont make parents chose between sending their kids to school or groceries.

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