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Friday, September 04, 2009

There Are Communist Messages Everywhere.. be Vawy Vawy Caweful!

Ok everyone, lets all put on our tin foil hats and use them as protection against the evil socialist aliens beaming down from the big red planet to brainwash us all through our children while they are at, of all places, SCHOOL with those crazy socialist thoughts and ideas like.. staying in school... like *gasp* education! The nerve of those god damn commies! They are a crafty bunch, too! Be careful.. there are all kinds of communist subliminal messages behind every corner waiting for you- waiting for you to have a moment of non thought, so they can slip their agenda into your brain when you least expect it like little red brain ninjas.. But don’t worry, Glenn Beck is here to help:

Perhaps the fear is that there may be whispers in the background chanting “communism” “cash for clunkers” or when you play the speech backwards it will say “arrest your parents for thought violation.” I see all of the kids glancing up from the TV screen and looking panic striken into the eyes of their distraught educators and in a wimpering and weak voice stumbling out the words "They're here." God fearing Americans, run RUN! Because it starts with "stay in school" then it becomes "swine flu" then it becomes "socialized medicine, go home and tell your parents." Next thing you know, our kids are lined up in rows marching the streets of America while we wait on line for bread and toilet paper.

In all honesty, have you ever in the history of this country EVER seen schools actually refuse to air a speech from the elected president that is geared to school children? Why don’t we all just say it? Just say it and put it on the table? If this had been a 65 year old white man with a blonde haired blue eyed wife, and he decided to make a speech about kids staying in school, would this have happened? I won’t even say a Republican. Lets even say Bill Clinton was to give a speech to children, while little Chelsea was in her school years, with her curly hair in bouncy pig tails, would schools be boycotting? Would parents be actually suggesting that their children skip school that day? Would parents suggest their children not listen to an address of the elected president? Because I have no memory of that. Reagan? If Reagan made an address to American school children to stay in school, do you think there would have been people encouraging their kids to dishonor the president of the United States? I guess many people fail to realize that the radical republican movement is destroying the Republican party. For it to even compare the hot mess it has become now with the Ronald Regan days, and we all know how I feel about Ronnie, is a slap in the face to Ronald Regan.

I’m so disappointed and embarrassed by the acts of so many Americans right now. Other countries are having a good laugh at us, and many of us are the ignorant fools who don’t even see how its so over the top crazy, that its actually funny. Never in the history of the world has there ever been a country with such a piss poor excuse of a healthcare industry be so afraid of a public healthcare option. A country with a president who was elected by its own people have a group of people actually teach their children to be ignorant, intolerant, and lets just face it... racist. There I said it.


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