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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yeay! I have Furniture!

I know I know, naughty me, its been a while.

Ive just been so busy busy busy that I haven’t had time to actually sit and write everything going on. CBITW is doing great, Im still all crazy about him, G is doing fab. Her Birthday passed this past weekend, and after the weather man teasing us with rain, no rain, then rain, then no rain, then rain, we did the party in what was at that day my furniture less living room. Sort of Japanese style, sit on the floor sort of thing. Pretty funny. Pizza, friends and sitting on the floor. I kind of dug it. Anyhow, the following day, I had to go to the cute Arabic boys house to pick up furniture that I was buying off of him. But first let me give you a proper introduction to the Cute Arabic Boy.

So I decide that I need to have this certain coffee table at Ikea. A certain model. So, I do a search on CL for this table, and up it comes, and I realize this person is also selling a futon, a table and chairs and the coffee table, and another Ikea chair. Yeay! To boot, the whole shebang is fairly cheap. So, I email and set up a time to come see the stuff the following day. The next day, Gabby and I find our way to his apt on 68th street. We get there, and ring the bell and he comes down to let me in. I was taken a bit off guard. He was tall, dark and handsome, with a great smile and great teeth. What a pity that I am madly in love right now, because if I wasn’t, I would have taken full advantage of the situation. We do introductions and I go inside to see the furniture. I find out this guy is moving because he is having visa issues and is being sent back to Lebanon. I felt sort of bad buying his stuff. I cant imagine what that must be like. I really felt so bad for him. Not to mention New York will definitely lose a nice piece of eye candy. Pity, really. He has to get rid of everything so he throws in a lamp and a desk, and me with hardly any furniture except for the bedrooms, feels like I won the lottery.

Sunday, G is in Jersey with my friend and her daughter I go there alone. Its 11:00, the movers should have been there. They were late so it was he and I, just there talking and laughing and really kind of vibing, and Im thinking of how mature I have become. 5 years ago, this would have been an episode of Sex in the City, but even though this guy is hot, honey, let me just say, he ain’t no CBITW and that is just that. The movers come two hours late and we load up. Hot Arabic guy and I part ways and say goodbye, I feel good about myself. So Sunday, my apartment is all set up, and pretty and Im just loving sitting in my living room, but I have things to do, so the time with my new living room is short. I call CBITW, just to say hi, and that I will see him later on and head off to Jersey, to get G from my friend Ls house and take her to see Ds family. She was so happy to see them. A was there and it was like they just reconnected. It was really nice. I head off back to my house to get ready to see CBITW. We had a great evening eating Thai food and just talking. It was really nice, really laid back, and I really needed that. Monday, CBITW and I have brunch and he takes me to get G from D. We part ways and Im feeling secure again. This weekend we really just seemed back to normal. It really was wonderful. After I get G, and settle in the apartment, I decide, like most women do about 5 days before their period that I need to cut my bangs. So off to the bathroom I go, with scissors in hand. I did the best I could really, only they weren’t even, and I kept having to “fix” and “Fix” making them shorter and shorter. I stopped finally and looked up in the mirror and so MOE from the three stooges looking back at me. Sharp objects and hair dye should be removed from my home every week before my period.

So I get to work this morning and there is an email in my in box from Hot Arabic Guy. The email is asking if everything went ok and how the movers were. I say how everything is wonderful and send him a pic I took of the dining table in my dining area. It all looks really good. I tell Hot Arabic Guy thank you and that was the end of that. I tried to think of some friends I could set him up with (since he did express some interest in that). Seems a shame to let him go to waste, but couldn’t think of any. Oh well, any ladies in the NY area interested in Hot Arabic Guy, email me. You wont be dissapointed.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Deep Theraflu Thoughts

So I got some plague from someone on the airplane (I assume) and had to go home early yesterday so I can sleep and sweat and cough and feel like crap in my furnitureless apartment. While laying on the floor of my living room so I can watch TV in between naps, I started thinking about how neurotic I am with certain things.

You know, every single day I go out of my way (like two blocks) to go to a FEMALE coffee stand person because she is the actual owner of this coffee stand (I saw her little badge) and I really truly believe that in her country she could never do what she is doing now? She also always is sooooo nice to me. Love her. But for all I know, she could be going home and giving all of her money to a greedy fat man. But in my fantasy, she is a single mom, making ends meet. You go girl! Plus she calls me “honey” every day. Maybe I’m just looking for my mommy every morning. People think I’m kidding when I tell them that I really believed for a long time that Ronald Reagan was a bad word. I really believed that for a long time!!! When kids would get me mad I would say "you, you, RONALD REAGAN" and to me it was like saying you "Nasty Piece of Shit!". It was very liberating. Like saying "Fuck". Then I turned 7 and actually started calling people pieces of shit. LOL. Also, I believed until I was 19 years old that Vienna Sausages were called Pokies, and one time went to Key Food to get a can of them and asked the store clerk for Pokies and looked at him like he was a stupid ass hole when he called them Vienna Sausages. Thanks Mom. I hate sitting on upholstered seats on public busses or on the Ferry. Every day I would examine the rows of available seating and take the WORST seat because the fabric wasn’t stained. My friends get really pissed at me sometimes for this. I do that all the time. But really, what kind of OK stain can be on a chair where your ass should be? I will NOT put my body in a swimming pool or small area of water that has a lot of people. I just wont. Its fucking gross and you know it.

Can you all tell Im still druggin on Theraflu?

Also my appology of the day goes to my Dad (though hes doesnt give enough of a shit to read this). Im sorry for driving you to the really Ghetto part of New Orleans to a check cashing place to cash your royalties check and then driving off and leaving you there when I got scared. Even though a group of guys who looked like these guys were hanging outside the place, they approached my car and I had to do what a girl had to do. Look, I may be from Brooklyn, but I cant fuck with New Orleans-At least I came back to get you! But whats worse is Im sorry about laughing until I was crying about it last week.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Oohh Jazz Fest weekend, my goodness, it was totally amazing. First and foremost, CBITW fucking amazes me, really. He truly does. His thoughts, the way he is totally laid back, his acceptance of people, his way of handling things, his realness, his ability to just be himself no matter what, how he does the coolest shit (that I swear to god, bring me to almost collapse) and has no idea that its just really cool. Its just him. Which makes it cooler. It takes a lot to impress me, trust me. But him and what he is just blows me away. I love that, I love that, I LOVE THAT. I feel like I truly fell in love with him this weekend. So, thats all, before I cause everyone to hork Ill stop going on and on.

Spearhead was amazing. I mean jump up and down and sweat amazing. There will be pics posted soon because we had awesome seats and my friend M was sitting in the handicapped section with her grandmother, who was later hugged by him. I was green with envy, you have no idea! Hes coming to Brooklyn, and rain or shine I will be there.

I also got a little drunk one night and me and my friend M ended up taking CBITW to a really trashy strip club (lets put it this way, folks, it was called Big Daddys). I thought I was being nice. I thought it was a treat. Well, he seemed a bit grossed out, though I had fun. I was sitting next to this guy who was being "entertained" by the stripper on the stage. She looks at me and says "who is this lady?" he says "I dont know, shes not with me, she is some supermodel from Louisiana". I say "NOO, Im not a supermodel and Im not from Louisiana" So the stripper turns to me and says "where are you from?" So I say "New York" then she says "stand up". So Im thinking. Shit, this girl is gonna do some nasty shit. I said "NOOOO, get him (pointing at CBITW). So she says "I swear, I wont embarress you". So I stand up and say "ok, what do I have to do?" So she says "put this in your shirt" then takes a 10 from the guy next to me and puts it in my shirt and took it out with her teeth! I thought for SURE I would get some action later for that stunt! But CBITW apparently is used to the higher class strippers here in NYC and was kinda grossed out. I thought it was kinda hot, even if she was skanky, at least she was nice skanky.

When I picked up G, she was so funny. Its amazing how her personality mirrors mine sometimes. I walk in the door and run to her and hug her and say “I missed you!!”. She hugs me back, and we gather her things and we load up in the car, to drive home to Queens from Brooklyn. All is silent in the car, and its raining so Im driving like a maw maw when G says “so, did you have fun in New Orleans without me?!?”. I reply “G, we missed you every single day”. She says “so, what sort of fun things did you do?? Without ME?”. So I said “well, it wasnt much fun really, the weather wasnt great- dont worry we will go soon, I promise”. I guess that was what she needed to hear, because the car became silent and she began to talk about more important things like how she made it to the 3rd level two times in a row on Mario 3 on her gameboy.

It felt good to come home to Queens. I still love my apartment, and guess what? My brokeness will end after next week!! THANK YOU GOD! Im so so happy. I owe CBITW at the VERY least a great dinner, so anyone with any suggestions, please let me know. My friend who has been out of the country has come back and I moved while she was away, so now it will be interesting to have a neighbor that Im friends with so close by.

ALSO on the pathetic broke front, my phone/DSL/Tivo will be installed on the 26th. I can finally get back to some normalcy. Yipppe.. Honestly, as pathetic as it is, I haven’t missed cable too much. I have that antenna thing that the cable company has to install (I guess the previous owners had it) which allows me to get the local channels PLUS, get this all of you who know my sick addiction to those forensic biographies, I GET COURT TV!! YEAY!!! I can keep myself awake in my furnitureless living room and scare myself by watching forensic files every night until I cant go to sleep with all the lights out... lol..

Glad to be home, but WHAT THE FUCK is up with the cold ass weather???

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