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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I cant think of a title

If you ball up your fists then put them together, and turn them so your thumbs are paralell to one another- that is supposed to be the size of your brain (according to my Jr. High school friend Valia- and SHE was the keeper of all knowledge). Only, I am certain that if this the case my brain is deformed in that the left side (said to be the more creative/emotional side) is WAY larger than the right side (said to be the critical thinking side). The good thing is, when I go through depressing shit, my creative side gets all excited and I start spitting out art work like a crazy person. Only the right side starts to feel starved and I do stupid shit like putting windex in the freezer. This is in essence who I am right now. An emotional creative mess who was late bringing her daughter to school today because she couldnt find her housekeys- why? Because they were in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rinse, Repeat

"Listen, honey, I think you are ready to start getting out there and dating" were the words of my oldest friend. Ive been in a slump lately, in a cloud. Smoking way too many cigarettes. Its amazing what people can do to you, both good and bad. So, we figured it was time to "get out there", and with that came names of friends and friends of friends.. well.. this all too familiar territory that I have to admit, almost makes me shudder at the thought of. I don't know if Im ready for another roller coaster ride. I don't know if Im ready for another "I love you- just kidding" fiasco, or if Im ready for another period of my life finding a babysitter so I can go on dates with people Im totally not compatible with. Cant I just stay home with Mr. Happy? Apparently, according to my girlfriend who has done lots of therapy, this is NOT ok. So Im trying to get excited about my first date after my 9 month trip through the spin, wash and rince cycle.

The first date is tomorrow. The guy is an Actor/Dancer/DJ/Real Estate Agent who works primarily in the areas of Brooklyn that I know all to well (how LA is that- what is he doing in NY?). He was pursuing me for a period of time, but I thought I was in a relationship (surprise! I wasn't) but I was a good girl and did the right thing by my "boyfriend" at the time. Hopefully Karma will bless me for it and stop being such a cunt and throwing these fucking hardballs at me. But now the question arises of "what are you looking for?" and I have no answer for that because I certainly am in no position to go out there to "find" a relationship. But coffee is coffee- with cute puertorican boy who can dance- nice.

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