The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The lefties. We are crafty little buggers. Did anyone watch the debates? I swear I thought at one point that they were gonna hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But that seems to hold the sentimate for me anyway. I mean I cant say I HATE any of them. As far as I am concerned as long as it is any of the three Dems, I’m good, and I’m pretty sure that was part of the agenda at the debate. I think all of them are thinking shit if I don’t win this fine, but PLEASE lets get a democrat in office. I think we can all agree that all of the fucking Republican candidates are fucking scary.

Here is my concern. Lets not be nieve here, the Republicans are going to play dirty. What the fuck else is new? Politics are dirty nasty shit slinging bloodbaths. Obama is a qualified candidate with a vocal stance on the issues that matter to the democratic party.- however.. can you see him in the REAL battle? The ones where the Republicans are gonna try to kick ass and take names? At the end of the day, we need a democrat in office that can dish and take what is going to be dished out. That takes a level of nastyness. A level of dirtiness. Someone who can not do so (which was Kerry’s major downfall even among the Democrats), someone who is naive to think that they can play this fair and nice and win, is going to cost the entire party the election.

The right side knows this. I think that its no coincidence that even right side parties subliminally push for Obama. Because they know he cant handle the fire that will be lit under his ass. Lets show the game for what it is. In this election, there IS such a thing as TOO good of a guy. And Obama fits that mold to a T. I like him, and I just hope that if he DOES make it he will grow some bigger balls. Hillary on the other hand, knows how to play it dirty, lets face it.. homegirl can get up there with the bad boys and make them sweat, she has been there in the midst of the shit slinging and did some slinging. I believe of the two she probably has the biggest set of balls, therefore our greatest chance of getting a dem into the whitehouse.

McCain is a candidate that has a broad appeal. He isnt the SUPER conservative conservative. He appeals to some libs which is dangerous if we dont have someone who takes a STANCE on issues like healthcare, education, womens rights, border control. We cant have someone up there trying to be the nice guy. This is politics .. and with or without GW, the shady administration runs very very deep. This is going to be a dirty election- so lets put on our blue hardhats and watch the show.

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