The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So my question is.. what do you say?

Happy September 11? How do you ackowledge this day without being obnoxious?

Today should be a day of rememberance, like veterans day-day off. Not a day of bbqs fun-in-the park-three-day-weekendtype of day off, but a Martin Luther King sorta day off. So people can reflect on what happened on 9-11 and really stop for a moment and think about what happened that day, and where we are now. I dont ever believe the true events of 9-11 will be investigated until our president is out of office, but until then, we should all take a moment from our busy days and say a prayer to whoever you pray to for the people that died that day.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life in trustybush has been haywire, left the job with Boss Hog (and it was pretty mutual I must say) and am now working at an advertising agency for the General Counsel who is very cool very nice and as it turned out has many of the same friends as I do.Only, the new job is in Tribeca, and I live in Queens. The commute is redic.. but its worth it. Total no stress job.

My clothing and soap business has received a bit of attention so I have been spending a lot of time sewing and making bath products and am now carried at a few local shops and websites and my website is also now up ( Yeay!

As many New Yorkers experienced, the entire NYC Transit system shut down in August, leaving thousands of people in various parts of Manhattan with no public transportation system. Why the hell cant NYC public transit handle rain? I don’t get it! Does anyone recall this happening in the 90s? Man I remember PRAYING for the trains to shut down in a big storm.. but never.. Blizzard of 96? Trains were running. I know because I had to go to school that day. The other thing I don’t get is why hasn’t the MTA made it possible for their workers to communicate while underground? Has anyone ever noticed that whenever there is a crisis the workers don’t know shit?

What really sucked about this is it happened RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the commute so its not like folks were waking up to their morning coffee and turning on the news and deciding to take the day off. My usual one hour commute.. took THREE HOURS! In scorching heat and humidity with RAINBOOTS on and my child in tow. Nothing screams hot independent single mom like sweat dripping from under your vintage dress into your rubber rainboots while your child is saying.. “mom Im about to freak out”.

Finally I get to work and get this email

“Due to problems with the NYC Subway, those of you who are experiencing issues getting into work may work from home”

I think I actually said “fuck you” out loud. LOL.

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