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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bumpin Uglies

I lived my teenage life in Brooklyn. People of all colors of the rainbows had handshakes and different personalized ways of saying hello-hugs, kiss on the cheek, we handshake, we wave.. But what was universally known to everyone was "the pound" now known as "the fist bump" or the "Terrorist Jab" is being defended as as something "the youth would know about" are very very different (and btw..just say it.. your afraid this whole crazy hand jiving is...god forbid.. too BLACK for America) So please, allow me to me explain and put your little minds at ease. For those of you a little out of touch, please Pay close attention. The Pound and the Fist Bump are NOT the same. Say it again. The Pound and the Fist Bump are NOT the same. Are you following me? Trustybush is here to guide you so follow me.

Presidential candidates give "Fist Bumps" note the batting of the eyes.. the shrug of the shoulders. Thumbs are to the side-head is shrugged. If this type of shit was pulled at MY high school, and these people were 17 years old, its quite possible someone would have been clowned in a pretty bad way.

The youth of today.. give pounds- we have energy. We are strong. You talk about our mothers we will kick your ass. We are fierce! Usually thumbs are up and more often than not its a two step process.. bump top of hand bump bottom of hand, and is sometimes followed with a brief, very masculine hug

Faux News gives us all "Terrorist Jabs"
Fox News, you are fucking hilarious. BTW I wouldn't question what the "fist bump" says about Barack Obama and Michelle's relationship.. I WOULD like to Analise that tap on the lower back, close to the booty as she walked away...hmmmmm.. me thinks THAT may say.. "sugar, why don't you go change into that saucy little Victoria's secret number that I like". These two are TOTALLY getting it on- and I think that's refreshing!

So you ask "what happened to the pat on the back?" We still do that too. Sometimes *gasp* AFTER giving the pound. I know, I know, its all too much. We should totally save that shit for the street corners of the Bronx. But I digress.

So Whatever the meaning of this whole secret language is, Its better than the chest bump. I promise you that.

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