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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nothing Says America Like Swiss Bank Accounts and Not Disclosing Your Finances to the Public

I heard a quote the other day, from someone in the comments section of CNN. Yes I am that person who quotes the comments section. What. Anyway, this was it:
Please, in the upcoming election and every election following:
"Do not be a Republican or a Democrat.
Do not be a Liberal or a Conservative.
Be a reasonable person. Reasonable people think about the issues and decide who is best suited to address them. Reasonable people are conservative on some issues and liberal on others. Reasonable people don't always agree with each other, but they also don't just blindly follow a party or ideological line. They are also willing to compromise to do what's best for their country - something our politicians have not been able to do. The divisiveness of 2-party politics and lack of a middle ground is killing a once great nation.”

Honestly, this quote articulated exactly how I feel right now. 

I’m sorry I don’t care what team you play for, but if you don’t find the fact that Mitt Romney won’t release his financial statements sketchy in some way shape or form, you are clearly an ignoramus, and I bet yo mama dresses you funny. Oh yes I did.

I really don’t understand how you releasing your finances to the public that you are hoping to serve is not REQUIRED to be released when running for president. Can someone please explain this to me? Because for months and months while Obama was actually doing something like.. having Osama Bin Laden killed it was on the top of the republican agenda to make sure he presented a “true and valid copy of his birth certificate” to the point where anything that would get discussed was answered by a republican with  “show me a birth certificate.” 

Q:        So, yeah, hi my-ultra-conservative-I-used-to-think-you-were-normal-till-I-found-out-you-were-a rabid-republican-friend-so-now-I-know-you-really-are-a-sexist-racist-individual-who-I-now give-the-side-eye-to, what are we going to do about this economic crisis?
A:        Show me a birth certificate
Q:        What are your thoughts on same sex marriage?
A:        Show me a birth certificate
Q:        Healthcare reform?
A:        Show me a birth certificate
Q:        OMGAH did you see? DAYUM! Obama went and got Osama! Comeon you gotta give him props for that!
A:        Show me a birth certificate (and his name SOUNDS like Osama so hes a fucking terrorist!)
Q:        Dude.  All political stuff aside. You cannot TELL me Obama did not look kind of cool in his college smoking picture. Seriously. I’d hit it. The hair, the jacket.. HOT.. Don’t you think?
A:        Show me a birth certificate.
Q:        OMG did you see they presented Obama’s birth certificate??!!
A:        It’s not valid. 

 Seriously. I can’t. It’s like arguing with my teenage daughter when she comes home half an hour late with no phone call and wasn’t answering her cell. It’s infuriating to talk to her because you will never get a REAL reason. It’s literally like talking in circles. THIS is why so many regular normal republicans (I know that’s kind of an oxymoron) can’t bring themselves to stand behind their own party. Because this isn’t their party! From public healthcare to women’s reproductive rights, this party, whom I really believe should be forced to rename themselves isn’t representing the Republican party anymore.

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