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Friday, January 11, 2008

For Crying Out Loud, Hillary!

Did anyone really see Hillarys "Crying"? Honestly.. when I heard about this (I admit, due to some personal shit going on I didnt see it live) it was hardly an all out snotfest..THIS is what changed voters minds in Hampshire?? WOW! Truth is, Hillary has always had a strong following in New Hampshire, and this was hardly the sobbing babbleing Hillary the press has made it out to be. Shit you haevnt seen me at the end of a bad day.. If I have to cry, I cry.. then I keep it moving. :D

Inacse you didnt SEE It for yourself.. here it is

In other news today
Happy Anniversary Guantanamo bay!!

Today marks the 6th year anniversary of Guatanamo Bay..the prison that is free from due process, free from human rights, legal rights and far away from where we can all see this on a regular basis. Opened 6 years ago under the masterminds of the Bush Administration, Guatamo bay currently holds approximately 275 prisoners. These prisioners have been Noted by Donald Rumsfeld as "vicious killers on the face of the earth". These people are held without proper trial, without lawyers.. until the "War on Terror" is over-aka.. forever.

More disturbing than this is the fact that it is widely known that innocent men and boys were held at the prison. Infact after an investigation by the CIA as early as 2002, a CIA analist came back from a visit from the prison stating that more than half of the people there didnt belong there. People were found laying in their own feces.. Brig. Gen. Jay Hood, who was Guantánamo's commander for several years was quoted as saying "sometimes we just dont get the right folks". Now think about that for a moment and now lets flash back to the pictures of the abuse that surfaced. Who are the REAL terrorists here?

More proof of human rights along respet for law and due process as just being more of those "pesky rules" tossed aside by this administration.

So.. yeah.. when the media is quoted as saying Hillary Clintons win over Obama is the "biggest political upset of all time" maybe we should think about what today marks and what the current administration have brought this country to.

Happy Birthday Guatanamo Bay.. Hitler would be proud.

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